Now doing commissions!

I’ll draw anything you want.

$3 you get your drawing emailed to you
$20 gets you the email of the drawing and physical print 8x8 shipped free from my store
$30 gets you emailed drawing and screen printed custom shirt from my store free shipping

You can message me on here or my email

Just send the fee to my paypal

I’ve just moved out into my own apartment and I’d really appreciate the work!



Heads up tonight starting at midnight all pillows 6 dollars off! That’s 14 bucks! The sale starts tonight at midnight and ends tomorrow at midnight!

I’m really glad you guys are loving these sales! Sadly this sale ends tonight at 12 but as this one ends a new one begins! Grab a pillow while theyre still 6 dollars off and wait up to see what our last sale is for tonight!

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